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Welcome to B29 Facilities Services

Multi-disciplined construction and Environmental Planning.  Highly experienced in enterprise-wide facilities and construction project management. Notable projects include Johns Hopkins Health System $1 Billion Dollar New Clinical Building project. Led the DOT Ferries headquarters consolidation move project, researching collaboratively to gather design requirements, planning and interacting

with staff, management and other stakeholders at all levels.

Recognized for developing effective best practice programs supporting executive leadership in the development of innovative facilities management projects, process improvement and integrated solutions that streamline efficiency

and increase profitability as an innovative facilities Director and collaborative team leader.

Demonstrated credibility in aligning cross-functional teams and projects with tactical design implementation

priorities. Additional expertise includes long range planning, supervisory coaching and training, presentation and


We pride ourselves in our flexibility and exposure into bicoastal major projects around the country. As our core stems from the ability on working on multi million dollars complex projects for diverse organizations.

Founded in Maryland, we are I. the state process to be certified as small minority owned business. Our team is committed to completing your project in a professional manner with minimal disruption to the project site day to day operations. Small office delivery to a multi-floor, multi-phase installation project.

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Office Renovations

Architecture & planning for execution

Kids and safety first

Office Moves/ Furniture Installations

Moving every customer with care

Cable Management

Organize and manage cords and wires


Project Management Experience & Professional Overview

Emergency Room entrance at a hospital at

Healthcare Facilities

Project Architect Space Planner 


Space Planner provided AutoCAD drafting design support for the $1 Billion Dollar New Clinical Building
● Managed equipment, furniture inventory and vendor delivery installations, while maintaining hospital brand
standards as well as codes and regulations.
● Provided administrative and data management support services for the Facilities Project Team.
● Collaborate with ninety-two internal and external departments, to manage execution of multiple end-to-end
Let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

Higher& K-12 Educational Facilities

Facilities & Operations Director


Management oversight of the organization and physical assets of the Schools' facilities.

• Architectural and engineering oversight and services.

• Construction management.

  • Resource Management

• Coordinate and oversee the administration of the negotiation, bid and implementation processes for construction, renovation, and service contracts.​

  • Plan and execute projects that fully consider the schedule and logistical impacts on the continuity of Institutional programs including ancillary programs, with regard to buildings, infrastructure, Information Systems, grounds, fleet, and custodial services.​

  • Provide consultation, advice, and liaison services between the department and internal and external groups including neighborhood associations. Participate in professional associations and various campus groups, task forces, and committees. 

Fortunately, our dedicated team members are experts at guiding clients from inspiration to decision-making. Hire us and we’ll be building yours in no time.

Police Car

State Facilities

Facilities Management Division Director


Managed the maintenance, renovation, emergency repair and facilities infrastructure enhancements for MSP
facilities State-wide. These facilities encompass 750,000 gross square feet at 63 locations, including 22
barracks staffed 24 hours per day by Troopers engaged in the direct delivery of law enforcement services to
the citizens of Maryland.
● Translated service requests from field installation commanders into programmatic needs, assess needs in
relation to Division performance capabilities and prioritizes request in light of fiscal constraints and
operational impact upon the State Police mission.
● Provided operational input to architectural and engineering design team(s) to ensure feasibility of proposed
drawings and space utilization during pre-construction conferences. Consults with members of design team to
resolve design limitations that could be anticipated to restrict or impair the operational readiness of the
facility to support the State Police mission.
Whether you want us to us to plan or execute project we’ll make sure this services are specifically to suit your needs and preferences.

Washington State Department of Transportation

Facilities Planner Manager


Managed a $4.0M annual facilities budget and a $1.2M annual administrative budget to ensure compliance
with the Office of Financial Management (OFM) policies, statutory requirements and agency prescribed
business practices as they apply to the programs managed.
● Managed and direct the activities of administrative programs/vendors required to support business operations
and mandated business practices requiring adherence to RCW administrative requirements and OFM
● Provided guidance to management and employees on a broad spectrum of construction and space design
● Manages office buildings, warehouse, crew quarters apartments, 21 vessel terminals employee parking
permitting program, fleet of 150 vehicles, Electronic Fare Management System.
● Coordinated with internal teams to oversee external parties such as architectural consultants, building
property managers and various general contractors.

The Seattle to Bremerton Ferry on a brig
Image by Erol Ahmed

Federal Facilities

Project Design Coordinator 


Managed design and construction of Wedge 5 Core and Shell (1 million square feet), coordinating design

between multiple groups including Building Security; Building Management; Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC

Engineers; Fire Marshal's Office/Building Safety; IT; Space Planning, and Construction.

● Reviewed all construction drawings to make sure comments from all reviewing groups had been coordinated;

tracked changes in Core and Shell design from 35% to 100% set.

● Managed design/construction of new $40M Concourse, creating emergency egress through the Pentagon.

● Exterior milling and paving of the Boundary Channel Dr. main road onto the Pentagon site.

● Lead design meetings and coordination for office spaces and public areas.

  • Primary Space Planner provided AutoCAD drafting design support for the $1 Billion Dollar New Clinical Building


● Managed equipment, furniture inventory and vendor delivery installations, while maintaining hospital brand

standards as well as codes and regulations.


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